Parliament Carat 1

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Introduce yourself to the ultimate in ultra-slim cigarette convenience with Parliament Carat 1 available at

Featuring high-quality cigarettes packaged in slim, easy-to-carry designs, Parliament Carat 1 makes it easy to enjoy a premium smoking experience on the go. Perfectly fitting in pockets and purses, these ultra-slim packs are the ideal companion for smokers who value both style and convenience.

It’s Easy and Stress-Free when You Shop with Us

These cigarettes are the perfect choice for smokers who prefer a lighter and less intense flavor. At, we recognize that cost is a significant concern for our clientele when selecting cigarettes. To this end, we endeavor to provide the most competitive prices for our premium-quality products, without sacrificing the superiority of the cigarettes. This is achieved through diligent sourcing of only the finest tobacco from around the globe, coupled with regular discounts and promotional offers,

For smokers who value both style and convenience, Parliament Carat 1 cigarettes are the ultimate choice. With its ultra-slim design and smooth flavor, you’ll never have to worry about where to stash your cigarettes before heading out the door. Don’t wait any longer and order your packs at

One pack of Parliament Silver Blue contains 20 cigarettes

  • tar – 1 mg
  • nicotine – 0.1 mg

At, you will have the opportunity to discover a variety of choices including: Parliament Aqua Blue, Parliament Night Blue, Parliament Carat, Parliament Reserve, Parliament Super Slims, Parliament Silver Blue, Parliament Carat

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